Sunday, January 27, 2013


without the ability to understand all elements of all lifestyles, one finds themselves in a similar position of difficulty with how they assume, impose or empower, consciously or not, the inner-working and defining characteristics of those very same elements or lifestyles. in a continuing pattern, knowing how to support the discontinuation of such assumption, imposition or empowerment, consciously or not, is very difficult to suggest or apply. such difficulties living so close to where we try to make ourselves comfortable can only exacerbate our frustrations with how to communicate those aspects of our pasts or futures in an effort to inspire the ease of such discontinuation.

there will always be mountains in the ways of what we define as progress for ourselves. while the long road of climbing is daunting in it's insecurity, the more often we really inspect our routes can only make us confident in knowing more about how we travel and what we will try to avoid, than simply where we might be trying to go.

sometimes those things to avoid are not easy or test every bit of our patience and finding those comfortable living situations requires coping we might also not know how to properly communicate. please be courteous to those making such efforts to be socially confident as they may find their own.


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