Tuesday, July 23, 2013


this year has been very easy to fall behind, but regrets should hold specific purposes without being the burdens they're so easily allowed to. much activity between bludgeoning torrents of disrespect and carelessness ...

NEUTRON RATS. worship dodd.

mothafuckin GHOST ICE. best noise, hands down.

SHAVED WOMEN. hardcore derelicts.

NIGHTBRINGER. back to a trio, still the best band in michigan.

PENIS GEYSER. best grindcore band in america, hands down.

CABBAGEFARTS. still love cops.

GUTTERPRIEST "reign as enemy no. 1" CS ... noisecore sacrilege.


PLAGUES / EXECUTION TECHNIQUES "understanding" CS ... depressed harsh electronics.


new webstore up and running ... EARTH NOISE ETERNAL


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