Thursday, December 3, 2015


8 Mile blast radius of a hard-contrast Detroit hits the feedback. Dear Matt, I'm sorry to hear that punk may not feel progressive enough anymore and wish it was possible to empathize. I'm not sorry that punks keep noise pollution current using some of the best weapons they manage to acquire or salvage from whatever gutters or black holes they call home. They're not sorry about the language they communicate it with, either. Regardless of grammar or audible tolerance, the dialogue won't change because war creates poverty, the state creates war, etc, etc. Channel that through as much distortion as you want, at whatever volumes you're willing to risk your gear through, play it as fast as you can while shouting barely coherent outbursts of confusion/anger and this is the Scum LP. Yes, you can guess exactly what you're getting into by the jacket alone, but in over-saturated "markets" it's pretty nice finding a certain pedigree that will make you support a good record store somewhere. Especially when that support comes as a slew of manic depressive dis-rhythm & chainsaw guitars with enough clarity to swirl away into a psychadelic nightmare solo. Maybe vanguard solitary typeface placements or abstract doodle feelings do that for some, but war will still create poverty and peace is just another market. When evolution changes that, maybe Scum and all their obvious predecessors will find new weapons and fight "the good fight". In the mean time, enjoy 12 tracks of the old weapons still fighting against "the good fight".


irrational tenent <><><><>

not very nice t=x__x=t t=x__xt


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